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Factors influencing mining

  • Influencing Mining Equipment Performance Through

    Influencing equipment performance through maintenance metrics Three critical factors affect equipment availability: The design of the product, the application/operation in which it is used, and the maintenance it receives during its time in service. Maintenance is the factor that offers mining companies the best opportunity to

  • Analysis of main factors influencing the apertures of

    Apr 17, 2020· Main factors influencing the wide range of apertures (from 50 to 400 mm) of mining-induced horizontal fractures (Torezko-Snezhnyanskaya coal area, Ukraine) at traditional (without grout injection into bed separation) longwall coal mining were analysed. Apertures of these fractures were directly measured (using an original experimental device) in vertical boreholes drilled from ground

  • Top 5 challenges affecting mining - NewsDay Zimbabwe

    Aug 28, 2018· Top 5 challenges affecting mining. (Chamber) says the first half of the year was a difficult period for the mining sector on account of a difficult environment, which could continue way

  • (PDF) A Study of the Factors Considered when Choosing an

    This mining, networking and ecommerce. stage in the data mining process is very important as it determines the kind of results that will be generated which will influence the business decisions. Therefore if the results are incorrect, there are chances that the business will make wrong decisions posing a negative impact on its operations.

  • Solutions to Mining Industry Risk Challenges

    The very nature of mining natural resources means that many businesses will have operations in some of the most remote and inhospitable areas in the world and very often coupled with a high susceptibility to natural catastrophe. In addition to the traditional risk factors, the mining industry now faces an even wider range of challenges.

  • PESTLE Analysis of Australian Mining Industry - TMQ Research

    Increased mine waste, rise in impending for pollution, increased mine size, more over growing water and energy intake are some of the environmental factors that directly affect mining process.

  • Top 5 challenges affecting mining - NewsDay Zimbabwe

    Aug 28, 2018· Rising cost of inputs Like other sectors, mining producers are forced to pay more than the fair value of inputs due to the multiple exchange rate system (RTGS, bond

  • Solutions to Mining Industry Risk Challenges

    Factors such as climate change, new technologies, economic uncertainties and secure supply of key consumables like electricity, water, gas and other fuels are all difficult to predict and bring additional complications to securing appropriate balance sheet protection. The

  • Factors that favour and hinder gold mining in South Africa

    FACTORS HINDERING GOLD MINING IN SOUTH AFRICA. Depth and temperature. South Africa's gold sector is a world leader in deep-level gold mining. Deep-level underground mining, however, brings with it risks and hazards which require constant commitment and adherence to safety and health standards and procedures.

  • Bauxite mining - SlideShare

    LLooccaattiioonn aanndd SSppaattiiaall DDiissttrriibbuuttiioonn Explain the physical and cultural factors affecting their location PHYSICAL FACTORS: This refers to the actual physical features that account for the existence of bauxite and the physical features that make bauxite mining

  • Factors influencing participation in illegal mining in

    Illegal mining is not only dangerous to human life but the other living organisms which support human existence, thus, in turn destroying the ecosystem. Galamsey activities are responsible for deforestation and soil erosion in most of the mining communities which Denkyira corridor is no exception.


    Ch. IVFactors Affecting Coal Product/on and Use 111 INDUSTRY PROFILE Coal is mined by companies ranging from major corporations to one-family operations. The future of the coal industry depends in large part on how these companies react to changing conditions. This section describes these companies and how they market their coal.


    Explosive slope Hole Drilling Performance Will Also Lose. this is caused by increased drilling time to get the desired angle. and to the same high level, oblique hole will be more explosive than the hole in the explosive upright, so the completion of its drilling will take longer for oblique holes. 4. DRILL MACHINE AGE AND CONDITIONS

  • Factors influencing mining method selection

    The selection of a mining method for an ore deposit is based on many factors that are driven by the economics and profitability of the mine for a company. These include the following: Ore grade and recovery

  • mining factors that influences leaching process

    mining factors that influences leaching process. Four factors influencing gold heap leaching process Xinhai. The following we will sketch the four factors influencing the gold heap leaching process the ore leaching solution spray and heap leaching. 1.The influence of ore. There are usually some other minerals in gold ores such as iron lead

  • Macro Economic Factors Affecting Mining Industry Free Essays

    Macro Economic Factors Affecting Mining Industry. MACRO AND MICRO FACTORS AFFECTING THE STEEL INDUSTRY (TATA STEEL) The world GDP, as reported by International Monetary Fund, was on an upturn, growing by 5% in 2010 as compared to a negative growth of 0.5% in 2009. While the growth in the advanced economies was 3.0% in 2010,in contrast to -3.4% in 2009, the emerging and


    chain management, the factors influencing such initiatives among mining companies in Ghana. The fact here is that the prospect for convalescing human well-being is dependent on the aptitude of individuals, institutions, countries and the global community to react to environmental change.

  • Factors Influencing Investment in the Mining Sector in

    Factors Influencing Investment in the Mining Sector in Kenya: A Case Study of Base Titanium in Kwale, County Thomas Mwau Mutwiwa1, Francis Kalama Fondo2 1,2Department of Commerce and Economics, College Human Resource Development, Jomo Kenyatta University Agriculture and Technology, Mombasa Campus, Kenya

  • Factors Affecting Cryptocurrency Mining Profit EastShore

    The hardware factors will not have big changes within short term, so it is predictable with high operability. These factors can be manually changed by the mining farms and workers to increase revenue. Farm Maintenance: such as miner setting-up time, electricity fees, operation maintenance capability, etc.

  • Influencing Mining Equipment Performance Through

    Maintenance is the factor that offers mining companies the best opportunity to influence and control the performance and availability of their equipment, say Abelardo Flores and Jim McCaherty, co-authors of Performance Metrics for Mobile Mining Equipment, a guideline created to assist mining equipment users in the definition and use of uniform criteria for the evaluation of product and project

  • Coal mining - Choosing a mining method Britannica

    Social factors include prior history of mining in the area, ownership patterns, availability of labour, and local or regional government support. It is a general rule that technological factors dictate a clear choice between surface and underground mining, whereas economic and social factors determine whether a coal reserve will be mined at all.

  • A review of factors affecting mining operation Emerald

    May 01, 2020· Mining operation influencing factors were noted down. Four massively deposed mines were visited to observe the sequence of mining process. The field experts were also consulted to identify factors influencing their respected industry. Gaps were observed while comparing with the reviewed articles and opinions of field experts.

  • Selected Geologic Factors Affecting Mining of the

    This report deals with selected geologic factors that affect the mining of the Pittsburgh coalbed. Selected factors examined include structure, 3Underlined numbers in parentheses represent items in the bibliography pre- ceding the appendixes. overburden, immediate roof strata, relation to joints and linears, and cleat orientations.

  • Investigation of factors influencing the

    and uncertainty factors influencing the determination of the discount rate and use analytical techniques to determine appropriate discount rates for use in the economic evaluation process. The quantitative methodology for discount rate is tested using a case study of a Madagascar mining project. Factors influencing the determination of discount

  • The six key factors for mining success while commodity

    Feb 09, 2015· Wage negotiations looms as another risk factor for mining companies in light of the fall in prices and strain being placed on their bottom lines. Wages are always important for both parties. It would seem to me that the issue in South Africa is more intense than I observe the issue to be across the rest of Africa at present.

  • What are the factors affecting mining or quarriying

    Aug 10, 2009· 5) Mining methods - some methods are much cheaper than others. For example soluble lithium in Chile can be extracted economically by solution mining. Gold in South Africa requires deep hard rock mining - which is expensive. 6) Environmental factors - almost all countries require an analysis of environmental impacts before mining can start.

  • Factors Influencing Ore Recovery and Unplanned Dilution in

    Results obtained from review of mine production records indicate that the main factors that influence unplanned dilution at Number 4 shaft are: poor ground conditions, lack of compliance to recommended stope designs, poor drilling and blasting practices, presence of geological discontinuities, adopted mining sequence of extracting high ore grade first that leads to creation of high stress blocks within the

  • Understanding Factors Influencing Workers' Unsafe

    Background: In this study, we aimed to discover why workers engage in unsafe behaviors and reach a deep understanding of all causes influencing unsafe acts among workers in a mining industry.We also aimed to determine which causes play a more important role in the occurrence of unsafe acts. Methods: First, we determined the unsafe acts through observation and then investigated the factors

  • External Factors Affecting Mining Career Trend

    Environmental regulations, ideological swings in government and market fluctuations are just a few of the outside pressures that affect mining and, in turn, the health of the nations economy.

  • CDC - Mining - Factors Influencing Intersection Stability

    Mining Publication: Factors Influencing Intersection Stability in U.S. Coal Mines. Keywords: CMRR Coal mining Intersections Roof bolts Roof falls. This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated. Contact NIOSH Mining if you need an accessible version.

  • 5 critical success factors for Big Data mining by

    Jan 26, 2018· Big Data mining is a permanent activity of specifying the desired business goals, choosing the correct data sources, gathering the relevant information and applying the analytics results to gain substantial and feasible benefits, either in terms of feasible (bottom line increase) or infeasible (customer satisfaction or brand awareness, etc.) improvements.

  • (PDF) Effective factors investigation in choice between

    EFFECTIVE FACTORS IN SELECTING SURFACE OR UNDERGROUND Before beginning a detailed economic analysis of the factors which enter into deciding whether to mine by open-pit or underground mining, and what point a change should be made from open-pit to underground mining, it is necessary to consider some general factors [2].

  • Factors driving the mining industry in South Africa

    The first part of the report gives a snapshot of the macro-economic factors driving the mining industry in South Africa. This is complemented by an in-depth industry analyses. The relevant macro-environment elements and industry-specific factors will assist Merchant Bank and OMC in their investment decision. The macro-environment is crucial in

  • Factors Affecting Exploitation of Mineral Resources around

    Feb 08, 2014· Major factors affecting exploitation of mineral resources in the world are as follows: (i) Richness or Grade of the Ore (ii) Size of Deposit (iii) Method of Mining (iv) Accessibility (v) Transportation Facilities (vi) Stage of Industrial Development (vii) Technology (viii) Other Factors.


    Factors affecting loading performance of the excavators in Garp Lignite Enterprise, 9 th International Symposium on Mine Planning and Equipment Selection, Athens, AA Balkema,Rotterdam, 2000, pp

  • Factors influencing participation in illegal mining in

    Illegal mining is not only dangerous to human life but the other living organisms which support human existence, thus, in turn destroying the ecosystem. Galamsey activities are responsible for deforestation and soil erosion in most of the mining communities which Denkyira corridor is no exception. This study therefore investigated factors that influence ones decision to participate in illegal

  • What are the factors influencing exploitation of minerals?

    Lack of capital causes developing countries not to exploit minerals and leave it to international companies because a lot of money is needed for exploration, infrastructure, salaries, energy etc e.g. titanium mining at Kwale is being done by Tiomin company from Canada. 5.

  • Factors Influencing Financial Structures in Mining

    mining empowerment transactions, like any other financial transactions, must be based on sound economic and financial fundamentals so as to ensure their sustainability. The purpose of this research was to investigate the factors influencing financial structures in mining empowerment transactions in South Africa. BEE within

  • Top 5 challenges affecting mining - NewsDay Zimbabwe

    Aug 28, 2018· Rising cost of inputs Like other sectors, mining producers are forced to pay more than the fair value of inputs due to the multiple exchange rate system (RTGS, bond notes, USD) which affects the

  • Economic insight for the mining sector - Oxford Economics

    A key supplier of materials to industrial activities that are central to the world economy, the extractive sector is sensitive to changes in the operating landscape. Factors such as economic shifts, regulation, geopolitical uncertainty, and commodity price fluctuations make demand hard to predict.

  • Geotechnical factors - QueensMineDesignWiki

    Geotechnical factors include in-situ mechanical properties of the orebody and country rocks, the geological structure of the rockmass, the ambient state of stress and the hydrogeological considerations in the zone of potential mining influence (Brady and Brown, 2006).

  • What main factors affect share prices in the metals and

    Dec 10, 2020· The primary factors that influence share prices of companies in the metals and mining sector are commodity market prices, operational efficiency and

  • Predictive Model for the Factors Influencing International

    The data mining process using the IBM SPSS Modeler software made it possible to interpret the behavior of factors that influence international project success, which can be the starting point for future research studies, due to the accuracy of this method and the predictive model obtained.

  • Evaluating the risk factors influencing foreign direct

    We explore the intrinsic relations of risk factors that affect the foreign direct investment in Mongolia's mining sector. The importance value of each risk factor is calculated. The risk factors are divided into three levels. Critical risk factors are analyzed in detail.

  • Factors Influencing Mine Location: An Iron Ore Example

    Factors Influencing Mine Location: An Iron Ore Example Peter J. Kakela, Allen K. Montgomery, and William C. Patric I. INTRODUCTION When a mine is threatened with clo-sure, ensuing publicity generally focuses on the burden of mineral taxes, environ-mental regulations, and labor's "exces-sive" fringe benefits as decisive factors

  • What are the factors affecting mining or quarriying

    Aug 10, 2009· 1) Geological availability - a successful mine or quarry must be based on a deposit that has value. Usually some geologic event in the past has concentrated a

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